Chapuis X4

R 110,814.00

The exclusive, elegant Chapuis Armes receiver has been redesigned with rounded reinforcing
ribs, and the detailing of the wood-to-metal fitting is a highly classical refinement which ensures
a precise, robust and durable mating of the high-grade walnut and the ordnance-quality steel.
Deep-cut, carefully engraved floral motifs in an English-inspired pattern highlights the reinforcing
side bars of the exquisitely proportioned action. A carefully engraved silver finish adorns the
exquisitely detailed, scalloped receiver for a longer lasting and stronger wood-to-metal fit. High
quality walnut and state-of-the-art ordnance steel in a deep blued finish will make many dedicated
hunter proud to take this revolutionary double rifle to the field. Perfect convergence of the two
barrels is now fully and precisely adjustable by a competent gunsmith in just a few minutes and
does not require more than the firing of a few cartridges.

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