Buying a firearm from Kalahari Arms

Remember that we are here to help you with your application, as far as we are able to do so within the constraints of the law. Should you need any advice, or help, with the process of obtaining your firearms license, we will gladly help you as far as possible.


When you complete your transaction and payment for the firearm of your choice the process will be as follows:

  1. We will send you, by registered/certified post or courier, your invoice and License Application form (SAP271).
  2. You must submit your application at your local Police station, for the license. (Please see the details of this process below).
  3. As soon as you receive your license, you must scan it, together with your ID document, and e-mail it to us at
  4. Confirm your physical address in the same e-mail, together with your contact phone number.
  5. We will then courier your firearm to you with a licensed courier company, together with any extras and/or accessories as per your purchase. You may also collect it from our premises in person, but we are not allowed to release your firearm to any friend or family member on your behalf.


Obtaining your firearms license:

All firearms owners in South Africa must take note of, and comply with, the following requirements.

  1. All buyers of firearms must familiarise themselves with the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) and the Firearms Control Regulations 2004.
  2. A Competency Card, as issued by the SAPD, is an essential requirement - before a license application may be registered with your local Police Station. In order to obtain the Competency Card, you must complete the required training course with a properly accredited training provider, in order to get the Certificate of Competency, which is then used in your application for the Competency Card from the SAPD.
  3. You must have a properly installed gun-safe in your home, as prescribed by the Act.
  4. When you buy a firearm from Kalahari Arms, we will send you your invoice, together with the SAP271 (License Application) form. The SAP271 will be completed with our details as dealers, the details of the firearm, and will be properly signed and stamped by us. You must then fill the rest of the form in with your details, and submit it with your local Police Station together with the following:
    1. A certified copy of your Identity Document
    2. Two passport size photographs
    3. A certified copy of your Competency Card
    4. A certified copy of a FICA document, to prove your address
    5. A properly written and explained motivation, explaining your need (and want) of the specific firearm that you are applying for.
    6. Any further supporting documents, certificates, photographs, etc, that may aid your application in any way
    7. You will also have to take cash with you for the license fee
  5. More information can be obtained from your local police station, or the SAPS website at:
  6. Should you have special circumstances, or if you are worried about the process of obtaining your license, we can recommend our firearms lawyer, the very well known Mr. Rudolf Van Der Westhuizen, who will be able to complete all the documentation on your behalf and help you through the processing thereof. Please advise if you would prefer to use his services, so that we can put you in contact with him.


Conditions of Sale:

  1. The license application must be submitted to the customer’s relevant Police station within 90 days of the purchase date, otherwise we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of 1% of the value of the firearm per month, or part thereof.
  2. Should a license application not be submitted to the SAPD within one year from date of purchase, we reserve the right to cancel the sale with no refund.
  3. Should a license be refused, the customer must advise us immediately. Any appeal against such a refusal must be drafted professionally, and be submitted within the specified deadline period.  We can recommend lawyers who specialize in this field.  Their services are obviously not free, and will have to be paid by the customer.
  4. Should a customer decide to cancel this transaction for whatever reason (including license refusal), we will deduct a fee of 20%, plus any storage costs and/or interest that may be applicable.
  5. Any cancellation must be done in writing, and an SAP534 form must then be filled in and signed, in order to cancel any license application that may have been done.
  6. Images on the website are general appearances, and the products may vary from images displayed. For instance: the wooden stocks on rifles are individual, and your stock will be different to the image displayed.
  7. The purchaser hereby warrants that he/she has the requisite knowledge and competence, or will obtain such knowledge and competence, in the use, handling and safety of the firearm he/she purchases; and that he/she indemnifies Kalahari Arms cc, and any of their staff, from any damages and/or claim arising from the use, accidental use, latent or patent defect or from any other cause howsoever arising, and agrees and undertakes to hold the seller harmless against any such claim albeit arising in the past, present or future.